Ever wondered that people may recognize you/your beautiful work or you simply wanted to share your delicious and mouth watering recipes among the peoples. Or you wanted to share your poems among your friends. Be it any anything, blogging is the best you way you can do it. But how to start a blog is the major question which haunts every newbie blogger. Well it’s not a big deal now a days, as the technology is become more and more user friendly now-a-days.

To start a blog you need to consider few things:

  1. Good Blogging Platform
  2. Perfect Domain Name
  3. Web Hosting Services
  4. A Good Niche
  5. Seo (Search Engine Optimization)
  6. A Good Design
  7. Connecting to Social Media


Good Blogging Platform

Newbie bloggers find it easy to create and make blog on Blogger.com.  The best thing about the blogger is that you don’t need to buy a hosting plan, you don’t need to handle the codes, you don’t need to have knowledge of php, java or any other language. All you need is Login to Blogger.com and buy a domain name from a good company like BlueHost and start blogging.


Perfect Domain Name

Domain names helps you in creating your brand, so choose the name wisely after a proper research. The more time you take the more clear idea will come in your brain. Companies like PayPal.com, Amazon.Com are the best examples of choosing a great name for their blog.


Web Hosting Services

Choosing a web hosting service depends on the platform you choose for blogging. If it is Blogger.com you don’t need to buy Hosting Services but if it is WordPress.org then you must have to buy a good web hosting service like from BlueHost.com.

Because BlueHost.com offers automatic 1-click WordPress installation.



Choosing the appropriate niche for your blog is the most crucial step for blogging. For newbie bloggers you can create a personal where you can share your daily life experiences, your travel story or something else. But if you really serious for your blog then be sure you had a niche for your blog. As a perfect niche creates impact on the audiences and it helps your group of daily readers and visitors grow fast.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO as it abbreviates Search Engine Optimization, means optimizing your blog and blog’s pages for better search index. There are chances if you’re blogging on Blogger.com then you don’t need to get panic about SEO as the blogger.com itself takes care of the SEO. But if your blog are hosted on WordPress.org then you must acquire first-hand knowledge of SEO for your blog.


A Good Theme For Your Blog

Themes/templates are the beautiful things which effectively change the looks and functions of your blog. It provides you with custom features which are unavailable in default themes/templates.

Currently we have 15+ Blogger Themes on our website.

  1. Millanio
  2. Fashion Gossip
  3. Style Me
  4. Jhonsons Blog
  5. Evonne
  6. Jordan
  7. Winge
  8. Vanice
  9. Classic Tradition
  10. Sincup
  11. etc.


Connecting To Social Media

Social media brings exposure to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are the great places to share your blog post, where they can bring more audience to your blog. Bookmark sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon do great in bringing inorganic traffic to your blog and if your blog has some great images then pinterest is a great way to attract some more traffic to your blog.