So, few years ago one of my client emailed me with a question on how to start a blog. And which platform is better to start with. Blogger or WordPress. With no second thought I suggested her  to start with Blogger and subsequently move to WordPress.

Why I am saying to start with Blogger, is just because with Blogger you will learn some of the basic functionalities of blogging. Then you can move your blog to WordPress which gives you more freedom to do things on your blog.

Here below we are giving some general facts about both the platforms:


Pros of Blogger

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Very few settings and features, which are perfect for a simple blog.
  • SEO ready which is must for every blog.


Cons Of Blogger

  • With few provided features you can’t turn your blogger blog into a robust CMS
  • There are limited plugins and widgets.
  • You need to have basics knowledge of Codes like HTML & XML.


Pros Of WordPress

  • WordPress comes with innumerable types of themes and plugins which makes it customizing very easy
  • It has lots of features.
  • Drag n Drop is the new feature in market which makes WordPress super easy to customize as per your need.
  • You have very few limitations or no limitations, with WordPress as compared to that of Blogger.


Cons of WordPress

  • To edit the themes of WordPress sometimes you are going to need some basics skills of PHP script language


So this were the general points about both the platform which I tried to mark out for your better understanding. This points are not absolute, because these are my experiences of working on both the platforms.

Hope this may help you