Sometimes the color, fonts and margin in your blog are not as per your wish. So you to change it, here we will be exploring as how to detect the CSS style of a specific element in a blog and then change it. For this we will be using Google Chrome as it has all the needed features, which we are going to use for this tutorial.

We will be customizing the font size of the Pixale Blogger Template. For this we will open the live preview of the template and then right click on the element you want to change CSS and select option Inspect . For e.g. look below screenshot.

Screenshot 1

This option will open a attached window in web browser which would appear like below screenshot. The window is divided in two major sections, the left part which displays the HTML structure of the blog, and right section which displays the CSS style applied to each elements.

When you select the elements appearing in left section, you will see the right section automatically displays all the CSS style applied to it.

Here we are going to change the font-size as discussed above.

For this we will click on the style named font-size and will enter the value for font-size.

Here by default the font-size is set to 14px, we will increase it to 16px and will see the change live appearing in the browser.


After this step we need to change the CSS in template’s Stylesheet and save it. For this log in to Blogger Dashboard of the template and then navigate to Themes > HTML Editor

Now press CTRL+F inside the HTML editor and then try finding style selector, as shown in below screenshot.

Once you find it inside the template’s HTML editor change the default value and save it.