Downloading the Theme after Purchase?

Downloading the Theme after Purchase?

You must follow all the below steps in order to access the theme which you’ve purchased or willing to purchase.

Step 1 – Before you proceed to buy our theme, be sure to make a Sign-up/Create an account in our account page.

    • Navigate to My Account in the Navigation Menu.
    • Then fill up the Sign-up form and click on Register button (Screenshot 1)
    • Remember the password and username you’ve entered while Registering yourself.
    • You’ll also receive an email having your Log-in details (So do not forget to check your email’s inbox)

Step 2 – Now select the theme you want to purchase and proceed to checkout.

  • In Checkout page, enter all the information properly.
  • If you’ve not Created an account (suggested in Step 1), then you can Create account from the Checkout page itself. (Screenshot 2)

  • Check the box Create an account only when you’ve not Signed-up before on our website, otherwise it’s not recommended to check the box.
  • Normally after the payment is done, you’re automatically logged-in to your veethemes account, if not then click on which will take you to your account.



Step 3 – After you have made the payment.


Do not forget to Ping us, if you need any help or assistance.