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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who we are?

We are a Web Design Company from India, working to make web-space better by providing some good designs which people expect from us.

2. What is Blogger.com?

Blogger.com is a free blogging platform managed by Google, which helps you to create a easy to manage website/blog for yourself or your businesses.

3. What is difference between Free Theme & Premium Theme?

See Free Theme is like a testing theme, it may includes all the features and sometimes not, depending on the decision of theme designer. You get it for free and you can use it on your blog, only condition will be that you will get no documentation, no support and no nothing for Free Theme.

On the other hand Premium Theme comes with full support from the respective theme designer, he will respond you on time. And will solve all your installation and theme function problems.

4. Why Am I Supposed to Keep Footer Credit Links in Freemium Theme?

We believe that everybody should respect each others work. A designer puts his hours in hard work to come up with a good design and therefore we promote using the credit links in footer for freemium themes. It’s just a thanks giving to the designer for his hard work he has put in creating the themes you’re using.

Since the theme is free and we’re sharing it to you without any cost. We expect a little return from you that is to, Please keep the footer credits in your blog/website. So that peoples acknowledges us and know our beautiful work from you.

5. Contact Us Before You Buy

We always recommend our customers that contact us before buying a theme from our site, so that you can become assured that you’re not being fooled.

6. Refund Policy

Look refund comes for the products which could be returned to the seller. But here the nature of product is digital which means once it reached you, it just reached you. So please make wise decisions and don’t expect for refund.



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