General FAQ

General FAQ

What is

  •, is the platform where you have to install all our themes, it is a free blogging service platform provided by the Google.


How to Download Theme after Purchase?

  • Wondering on how to download the theme which you’ve purchased from us. Read this easy tutorial, which will guide you through.


Will I be helped by you when I need it?

  • Ofcourse! You’ll be helped in all possible ways by our team. Be it installation, little bit of customizations or resolving some  technical issues, we are always ready to help you. Just message us at our email address i.e. or whatsapp us for prompt reply i.e. +91 98278-86037


Can I use a purchased theme in a freelance project or contract work for a client?

  • Yes. However, if the client intends to sell the End Product you create, you will need to contact the designer. If you create the End Product for a client, your rights to purchased Items are transferred from you to your client.


What is difference between “Free Version & Premium Version”?

  • Free Version : Some of the functions has been disabled for this theme, because we provide this as a sort of test theme. So you can test the theme before you go to purchase the product. No support is available for this theme.
  • Premium Version: All functions are enabled, tested several times by the experts. Support for this theme is included by the designer.


Can I redistribute Items I’ve purchased?

  • No, items purchased are for your use only. You may not include the original purchased items (or source files) in any distributed end products.


Do I have to credit the original designer of an Item when I use it?

  • If you’re using Free Version, you’ll have to give credit to the original designer for his work. But if you want to remove the credit link (credit to designer for his work) then you may purchase the license for the themes.


Can I get refund for the themes which I have bought?

  • In case theme is not working well for you and you’re not satisfied from the designer’s support then you can file a claim for the refund within 14 days. After 14 days you’ll not be eligible to get refund. This is according to the policy of our theme.


What is mode of payment?

  • Payments are accepted via Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card. There are some countries where paypal doesn’t work. They can contact us directly to buy the theme.


Payment Mode for Indian Citizens

  • A whole lot of Indian Debit cards and Credit cards are not accepted by the PayPal, so in this case if you want to buy the Theme then leave us an E-mail or WhatsApp us with the Theme Name which you are deciding to buy. We will provide you alternate method for it and once the payment has done, theme will be sent to you manually. This process can take minimum of 2-3 hours.