Finding a profitable niche for your blog is not a very great task neither it’s easy one too. All you need to know is “what’s the trends now in the market and social media?” And understanding the trend needs some time and little bit of research. So to save your precious time we have listed some of the good & profitable niches below.

But before we start you must know some basics facts about the market.

  • If something is profitable then it means that it can generate a good amount for you, only if you have the ability to make it generate.
  • You cannot become a millionaire overnight. Do remember this especially if you’re serious about blogging and making money online.
  • All the blogs listed below have invested a good time to earn a good name and fame in the internet community. If you blindly follow their way, and end up very soon then it will be no surprise for me.


#1. News and Magazines

The few words for this niche is that “It is very very very and very profitable” if you can handle it well. You might have heard of Ariana Huffington C.E.O. of very popular online magazine cum news site i.e. HuffingtonPost now known as HuffPost. Now she owns the net worth of $50 million.

News/magazine is the most popular niche which can give you immense profit. Below are some of the examples of sites which are earning millions


#2. Celebrity Gossip

If you’ve some of little bit of interest in celebrity gossip and and entertainment news. Then you must grab a opportunity for you to start a blog on this niche as this can change your luck like it changed the luck of very famous Mario Lavandeira who founded the Perez Hilton.

Here are some of the famous celebrity gossip blogs


#3. Tour & Travel

According to stats in year 2016, people spent $564.87 billion approximately on online travel purchases. Flights, Travel Booking, Hotel Booking, Travelling Purchase and lot more, with this stats it’s very clear that travel blogs are also the profitable niches.

Some hot blogs listed falling under travel niche


#4. Health & Medicine

On an average each person spend near about $9,523 on his/her health annually. And there is no surprise that everyone longs for a healthy body and healthy lifestyle. People these days another insanity in their mind of looking younder forever. This disease is most common in the peoples of age between 18-35 yrs. And they don’t care how much they have to pay for it.

Another thing about this niche is something like online doctor. If you have a good knowledge about medicines and home made treatments then you can share your wisdom with the world. To get better understanding of what I’m saying do an experiment, open the Google Search Engine and type cure for malaria. You will find a list of sites like below

This sites earn just by adding details of the disease, it’s syptoms and the way to cure it. Though all these blogs articles are reviewed by the experts as it is related to health of the peoples. But it is also a good way to earn money.


#5. Make Money Online

There is flood of peoples these days on internet who are trying to teach you how to make money online, even though you don’t want to learn.
I have listed this in the last because according to me it is the most stupid way to earn money. I do not reocommend anyone to start a blog under this niche, if you do so you’ll be fooling yourself and wasting your time.

There are peoples who say that this man has earned this much amount online. And there are lot of more words of appreciation, which makes you blind and believe that whatever you’re reading is true.

There is a very common psychology tact, if you tell a person that you’re successful he too will want to pursue the way which have made you successful. But here he knows only the half truth, he only knows the success of yours, he doesn’t knows the hardships you’ve faced before achieving the success. And here is where the whole philosophy of Make Money Online Fails.

Still there are bloggers who are earning good amount from their blogs which has niche make money online. But it’s not the magic of their niche it’s the magic and logic of their mind put together with their hard work of day and night.

Here’s the list of few blogs which make good money with their online money making blogs.