Today internet is not the place where you’re busy reading news, scrolling som entertainment or gossiping site or watching videos online. It’s a place full of opportunities which can make you rich in a short period of time. As statistics reveal daily business of tens of billion dollars is done online. The fact is that more people are engaging online to make money or some passive income. Some of them has turned it into full time business and are earning great income.

If you are also on the way to earn some extra bucks online for your daily needs/expenses or household expenses then, here are the best picked ways which can make money online for you.



1. Starting A Blog

This is the most popular and simplest way to make online money. You can start your own blog on any niche, but prefer to choose profitable niche for your blog if you intend to make money from your blog. Starting a blog is very easy now with the help of service providers like Bluehost which gives you freedom of creating blog within 5 minutes.

You can blog on any topic you’re passionate about like fashion & gossips, news & politics, personal blog, travel adventures. With blogging you get connected to lot of awesome peoples which is termed as site traffic in the blogging language and as your blog traffic grows you can use ad services like Google AdSense or to display ads on your blog and earn some revenue from these ad networks.


2. Affiliate Marketing

You don’t need to create products in order to sell them online, you can work as a middle man or popularly known as affiliate who will promote the goods of other peoples and if people buy those goods you will be awarded some money termed as affiliate commissions.

To be a successful affiliate all you will need is a good network in social media where you can promote the goods as an affiliate. And Yes! ofcourse the better communication skill which can make you king of the affiliate market in short time just like the peoples like Harsh Agrawal or Patt Flynn.

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3. Start your own E-Commerce or Online Shop

Another great way to make money online is start a online shop like Amazon, Flipkart, Themeforest. These are the well known marketplaces which are generating great income for the decades on internet. If you’re serious about opening a E-Commerce site then do remember this that you two options if you want to start an online shop.

Either you can sell all the physical goods like,,,

Or you can start selling digital goods like WordPress Themes or Blogger Themes (Check our online shop for example). Some of theme are selling stock images like ShutterStock. There are also option to sell your PSD or AI arts and Logos.


4. Creating App for Android or iOS

It’s not hidden that more than 50% of market(approx.) is grabbed by the smartphones. So if you can design a basic and helpful app for the peoples then it will turn out into a good opportunity to generate cash for you in no time. People are earning good amount by making apps for android and iOS, there are various categories under which you can design the apps like gaming, social networking apps, entertainment apps.


5. Selling Books Online

Now it’s the smart digital age where people want everything to be digitally accessed. Taking advantage of this fact people are selling e-books online on Amazon’s Kindle and they are earning good enough income from their sales of the e-books.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to write a e-book. Just select the topics which interests you and write some good stuff which engage and entertain the readers. And start publishing it on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. And the chances will be that established publishers would recognize your work and you may get some more big deals in your hands.


6. Selling Courses Online

Selling online courses is getting popular number of learners are increasing. There are peoples who are earning more than enough just by selling their courses on some particular topic. If you think you’ve something new which world wants to learn then go for it start selling your online courses to the world. And believe people are ready to pay great amount for it.


7. Online Market Trading

It’s the new generation of stock market where you don’t need a broker who will buy stocks for you. You have got the power in your hand and you’re the boss of your own. I’ve been using OlympTrade for past 4 months to trade on international market, and it has earned me profit of 66% in 4 months. The good thing about the OlympTrade is it is free to SignUp, in addition to these they provide Demo Currency which you can use to learn how things works in international work.