Yes! It is true that WordPress is far more better than Blogger platform, but still Blogger maintains it’s charm among the blogger community because of it’s some cool features. As all other newbie bloggers I too started my journey from Blogger then gradually upgraded to the Blogging Giant – WordPress.Org.

And after exploring all the beauties and coolness of WordPress I can say that Blogger still stands at first place for many bloggers (including me) because of it’s simplicity, ease of access and less management.


User Friendly Interface

Blogger has been designed in a way that even a child can create a simple blog in it. All you need is to sign-up to Blogger with your Gmail account, choose & install the desired theme on your blog and you’re ready to go. All other things like hosting, scripting and other complex task are managed by the Google itself which you’ll need in WordPress.

And this is the reason why novice bloggers go through


Power Of Google

Blogger is a part of Google community which means Google is going to take care of all the things for Blogger. Recently they have redesigned the layouts section for the Blogger, also they keep adding features in Blogger from time to time.

With Blogger you don’t need to worry about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) because Google is going to take care of it. Though WordPress stands at first place in terms of SEO but there are also peoples who are still on

And this gives newbies another reason to stay with



This is the major thing which makes Blogger unique. One of my friends in the blogging community have told me that in his starting years as a novice he created a blog on Blogger and used to write some poems on it. On one random day while searching on Google he saw his blog was on 5th number in the result lists. It was surprising for him as he has not done any SEO for his blog. He simply wrote some good contents and published it at regular intervals, and all the SEO things were taken care by the Google. So this is the advantage of using Blogger over WordPress.

After spending 7 years in the Blogging Community I can say with my experience that, if you wish a simple blog with simple contents like poems, or travel blog or personal blog then go with Blogger. But if you’re seriously for blogging then I would suggest you that go for as it has the power to make your content more appealing and with the best SEO plugins you can achieve a better ranking within short time.